Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a very busy school year so far, and between that and a broken computer, I've been very behind on updating my blog. But now that the holidays are over and I have a new laptop to type on, I'm back in action.
We were actually discussing putting Princess in public school this month due to some severe anxiety and behavior issues we were having at home, but now we may be moving in a few months, so we've decided to hold off. In the meantime, she has been going to see a play therapist and started taking Zoloft. They're both helping immensely, and we are no longer having daily meltdowns over things like accidentally touching a plant, or dirt getting on her hands. She is still worrying about those things, but at least it's not leading to hysterics every time, so that's progress!
Our plan right now is to have all of the kids start public school in the fall, and I expect it will take a lot of planning. Puppy will be starting kindergarten, and I'm not worried about him at all. He's an adaptable kid who is pretty happy in any situation, he's a quick learner, but not so far ahead that he'll be bored, and he makes friends easily.
Princess will be a little tougher, mostly because of her anxiety, but we've seen so much improvement in that over the past couple of months that I am optimistic about her progress over the next several months. Academically she will be fine, but between her anxiety and her sensory issues, I'm apprehensive about her behavior. She loves to make new friends, though, so I think once we get her in to a classroom, she'll find some things she loves about being there.
And then there's Little Professor, my reason for homeschooling in the first place.
Honestly, I am not expecting it to go well. I'd love to just keep him home, even with the other kids starting school. On the other hand, I feel like if we don't give 5th grade a chance, we will HAVE to keep him home because there is no way I'm starting my teeny, tiny little Aspie in middle school the first time he goes to school since kindergarten!
Fortunately, his dad and I both have the same reservations, so we've agreed that we will *try* school for him next year, and if it's not going well, we can always take him back out at Christmas like we did back in kindergarten.
And who knows? Maybe he'll love it!

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