Friday, April 20, 2012

That Moment...

My favorite thing about homeschooling is that moment when you can SEE that something "clicks," and suddenly your kid can understand a new concept. We hit that moment with Princess this week. Suddenly, all of those letter sounds and sight words came together and she is really reading! It's just an amazing moment to be able to share with someone; the fog has lifted and she can make sense of things!
The best part about her being able to read (still just a little, mainly Cat in the Hat level) is that it means she is a little more independent with her schoolwork now. This makes things easier because I can go back and forth between kids more easily.
Princess is still not a fan of reading, but I've caught her reading things when she thinks I wasn't paying attention, especially on the computer. I also kind of feel like my job is half finished now, because once you can read, you can find any other information that you want!

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